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WOLFTRIKE compared to other drift trikes.

We often receive questions regarding the price of a Wolftrike, which is slightly higher compared to other drift trikes. That’s why we have decided to offer a detailed answer about the pricing of Wolftrikes and the risks you are taking when you choose other drift trikes for your rental track.

A drift trike made for rental use

Wolftrike is made especially for rental business, which means it must be able to constantly bring in profit. It can be compared to passenger jets in this sense – if a jet is not in the air, the airline isn’t making any revenue from it. If one of the jets has to be constantly serviced, it decreases the number of passengers served and the profits of its owners accordingly. For that reason, Wolftrike is designed in a way that allows it to always be on the track.

Development of Wolftrike

Right from its first day, Wolftrike came across a slew of problems that all other drift trikes, whether they’re manufactured in the USA, China or anywhere else, would also encounter, especially when used on a rental track. However, the difference is that, during these 3 years, all the profit from the drift track’s yearly revenue of approximately 500 000 EUR, as well as all the funds from outside investment have been invested in various fixes and product development, to make it more durable and eliminate the need of everyday servicing and constant replacement of parts. Wolftrike has cost almost 1 000 000 EUR on its way from a prototype to the current base model, as well as taken up 3 years of engineering work, and it is now the first and only drift trike in the world that’s made specifically for rental business and not personal entertainment.

The main differences between Wolftrike and other drift trikes, when used on an indoor rental track:

Choose the right drift trikes for your business

If you want to purchase a drift trike for personal use, you should probably be fine with cheaper drift trikes from other manufacturers, because the 30-minute run time with a 6 hour charging time, as well as the months-long wait for replacement parts to be delivered and the week-long servicing time probably won’t seem like the end of the world to you. Meanwhile, if you run a business that requires the track to constantly be in operation, choosing those will only bring you losses and the business will go under in the first month. At the moment, Wolftrike is the only solution for this problem in the world.

A great example of that is the “Driftikeskus” indoor track in Tallin, Estonia, who initially found our price too high. They decided to choose other drift trikes – not even the cheapest on the market, but considerably cheaper than Wolftrike - and went on to invest large amounts in their premises and marketing for the opening day. In the result, they had to close after 2 hours of operation on their opening day, because all of their drift trikes were already destroyed in the first couple of hours. It’s not a surprise that we received a call from them on the same day, with an order for Wolftrikes.

The new Wolftrike models will be delivered to “Driftikeskus” in November 2019. In the meantime, we’re providing our assistance by renting out prototypes until the manufacturing of the new Wolftrikes is completed, to spare the business from incurring any further losses.

Unique drift trike solutions

The total price of a Wolftrike is formed from various unique solutions and expensive components. Starting from the battery technology, where some of the solutions are borrowed from Tesla cars to a uniquely rebuilt electric motor and cooling systems, to the durability of the frame itself. It has also been constructed in a way that makes it possible to change the front tyre and brake clutch in a few minutes, so that the Wolftrike can immediately return to the track and make a profit, instead of being stuck in maintenance for a long time. And it should also be mentioned that the only servicing expenses required are changing the already mentioned front tyre and brake clutch, which makes up a total of 10 EUR a week. Meanwhile, the “drift sleeves” for rear wheels must be changed once a year, with the total cost of 100EUR

If you still think that other drift trikes are cheaper, ask yourself this – how many mechanics will you need to hire to repair everything that’s broken in the regular drift trikes every couple of hours. And where will you even buy the necessary parts and components, and how much will they cost? How many batteries will you need to serve the increasing demand? Once you have calculated these costs and included them in your business plan, you’ll most likely see that the final cost of a Wolftrike turns out to be even cheaper than it will be for other drift trikes, because of lesser servicing costs. And it should also be mentioned that you won’t have to hire any specialised mechanics, as their maintenance is so simple that it can be performed by reception employees.


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