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Intro: Drift Trike for profit

As with every business, time is money here as well.

Exactly for this reason, Wolfrike is not just a drift trike that’s made for personal use. Any other drift trike would last only a few hours in a rental business track, and that’s why we offer Wolftrike as the only drift trike in the world that’s made for rental use.

Wolftrike battery

The battery can power the trike for up to 105 minutes from a single charge, and the charging time of the battery is up to 3 hours. That’s why each Wolftrike is standardly equipped with two batteries, which ensures that it can constantly be on the track – that means it will constantly be able to earn money for you! The difference between the 105 min of driving time and 180 min of charging time evens out eventually, as the customers change all the time and new customers need to receive instructions before the ride. It takes one person up to 5 minutes to change the batteries for 10 Wolftrikes.

Wolftrike chassis

The frame has been tested on the track for 4 years, constantly improved and made so durable that it can keep the same form and function for the 10th customer, as well as the 1 000 000th customer. It has a lot of patented parts, that make the maintenance time lower and the reduces the costs. It takes only a few minutes to perform everyday maintenance on the trike or to change the front tyre.

Why front-wheel transmission?

The main difference between the front-wheel and rear-wheel transmission is that it’s easier to start drifting with a rear-wheel transmission, but it’s a lot harder to control it, as the trike will slide too far into the turns because of the lining on rear tyres. Of course, you could use only the rubber tyres without any lining, but, in that case, you would have to frequently change the tyres, which would really drive up the prices and make them unavailable for most customers.

Thanks to the laws of physics concerning three-wheel drive and sliding rear-tyre lining, it’s easy to slide into turns with front-wheel transmission, same as a trike with rear-wheel transmission, but the front-wheel transmission makes driving out of the turns easier, which helps to perform the drifting function and allows for controlled drifting.

By our experience, customers learn how to drive a trike with front-wheel transmission during the first 10 minutes. Meanwhile, with rear-wheel transmission, customers usually didn’t decide to purchase another ride, because they couldn’t learn how to control the trike in the first 10 minutes. Thanks to these characteristics, Wolftrike is a safe product for adults, kids and even seniors alike.


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