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We are

Wolftrike is a group of passioned professionals from different areas of expertise who have come together for a common goal - WOLFTRIKE. We keenly follow the development of new technologies in environmentally friendly propulsion by trying to improve them to their maximum potential. Confidence in our product is what keeps us going.


Wolftrike vision is to build best product in entertainment and motorsport industry which will become a new professional motorsport.


Wolftrike mission is to let everyone feel drifting spirit

core values


We want create joy

that unites people.



We support responsible attitude towards ourselves, our environment, our partners and society itself



Wolftrike guarantees the quality, reliability of its trikes with a constant developement and innovations.

We are
proud how far
we have come

where you can learn about our experience, product and future goals. As a team, now we are really proud that by finally going through all stages of engineering, prototyping, test and product development, production, sales, we can honestly share with you our experience and knowledge, which is no longer an exhibition, but a real story about us and our business.

During the development process of WOLFTRIKE, we have served more than 100 000 customers, with each one of them spending 20 minutes on the track on average!

100 000+


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