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the world's most durable electric drift trike.

The product has been tested and proven itself on a track with more than 100 000 clients in the past 4 years - you can imagine the mileage!

Wolftrike - Electric Drift Trike
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Speed up to

70 km/h

Speed limit options

20/30/50 km/h

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Powered by


Zero exhaust gas

& engine noise.

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full 1h 40min

 battery life

less than 3h charging time.

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Unique  & functional

product design

Wolftrike has one of a kind look.

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is the way to go

The operating costs of Wolftrike tricycles are close to zero. Keeping in mind that electricity is much cheaper than petrol, for example an hour-long ride with Wolftrike will cost you significantly less than the same ride with a gasoline engine

powered vehicle.

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Air cooled
controller system

An innovative solution for keeping the engine and overall trike temperature stable. This allows continuous operation thru out the day.

Custom built
drift chassis
Tested by Pro-classdrifters.

Balanced chassis with a long wheelbase helps with mid drift stability, which is crucial for learning how to drift.

48V motor
Custom rebuilt for top efficiency.

Wolftrike motor is specially rebuilt

for high temperature durability, to sustain continuous operation on track. It runs on 1500-2700W, 40-80A current, which is a heavy load for conventional motors. For example, with unmodified motor - the e-bike is powered only by 300-1500W, 5-20A current.

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Panasonic cell battery | 21Ah

We use top quality latest generation and widely tested brand components in our batteries.

14 sessions with one charge

1 Hour and 40 minutes battery life.

Our manufactured batteries are designed for heavy loads, as well as countless charging and discharging times.

We provide a 1 year warranty period.

Full charge in up to 3 hours

We've improved our battery charging performance to make it safer and more reliable for constant use.

Quick swap
battery option

Specially designed system to facilitate and speed up battery replacement in seconds. This saves time and ensures continuous operation in rental conditions so that customers can return

to the track instantly.

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has low maintenance

Cost savings are an important part of any business. WOLFTRIKE is so durable that in rental conditions you will only need to replace wearing parts like tyres, brake clutch, rear sleeves.

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how sure we are about our product

The unique durability of wolftrike is the reason of it's profitability because trikes can bring money only when they are on the track - not at the service area!

If you are planning to open a rental drift trike circuit with trikes from any other manufacturer in the world, we will gladly let you test it on customers at our factory drift track for a day. We are confident that WOLFTRIKE drift trikes are the only trikes in the world that are suitable for rental purposes and any other ones would not even last a day in the rough rental environment.


Therefore, avoid losing money by purchasing a large amount of trikes somewhere else - buy one and come visit our arena in order to test it and see for yourself that WOLFTRIKE is the one and only option to go with.

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