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​A complete, ready
made business solution for your city.

Wolftrike franchise offers to you the only professional rental drift tricycles in the world! Start earning with Wolftrike anywhere in the world.

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Made especially for entertainment and sports needs, which has been approved by more than 100 000 satisfied customers.

Unlike most regular drift tricycles, Wolftrike drift trikes are specifically adapted and particularly durable for the purpose of renting where both a beginner and an already experienced rider will get excellent emotions.

join us on
our journey

The information provided is to give you a small insight into the technology of Wolftrike. As mentioned, the equipment and technical specifications of Wolftrike tricycles are intended to help you to develop a successful and lucrative business.

Clear &
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"Time is money"?
The main objective of Wolftrike is to always be on the track because time is money! In the most literal meaning of the expression!

Over the past four years, we have worked extensively on the improvement and testing of the tricycles on track to create a 'rent ready' business product. Wolftrike tricycles are created to be very durable and also able to continuously be on the track - after a brief 2 minute pit stop after every 10 x 10 minute rides, the tricycle can return on the track to bring profit to you.

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Wolftrike tricycles can reach

speeds of up to 70 km/h


They produce a torque of 200 nm


Wolftrike drift trikes operate

with a 1500w electrical motor

Batteries life per charge 1h 40 min

Max power | 10 x 10 min rides

The batterie charging time is up to 3 h, and each tricycle comes fitted with 2 to 3 batteries, so clients could continue using the tricycle while one of the batteries is being charged.

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High ROI and profitable business model

Business starting guide

and marketing support

Rights for Wolftrike trademark

Exclusive rights for Wolftrike in your city

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electric-wolftrike-web 2021.png
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Sounds good?
Look at the

It is possible to accommodate 5 x 10 minute rides in one hour.

The minimum ticket price - 15€ for a 10 minute ride - has been used for this calculation.

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The price can grow up to 30€ for a 10 minute ride, depending on the level of income in the specific country.

Prices calculated working 30 days a month, 365 days a year, both working days & weekends.

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amount of trikes depend
on track size

We recommend deploying 10 to 14 tricycles, depending on the size of the track.

Numbers shown are based on the price per ride and capacity of the Wolftrike indoor drift track in Riga, Latvia, so you could have a chance to see the amount of potential turnover.

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