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What to start with when setting up WOLFTRIKE business

People say that thorough planning might be the most important part of starting a new business, as it can help you get through the initial problems that will inevitably arise. Of course, we want your business to be successful and bring you high returns, so we have compiled a few ideas what to start with when setting up your WOLFTRIKE® business, to ensure it will be successful.

Figuring out the numbers

The first thing to consider when setting up your franchise is the math - the projected monthly expenditure and income. We recommend setting up an indoor WOLFTRIKE® track in cities that have the potential to provide the sufficient flow of people (both locals and tourists/visitors) to make your business bring in high returns. When thinking about the price of a single ride for visitors, it’s a good idea to check the prices of local indoor go-kart tracks to use them as an example for your prices. It’s also equally important to factor in the necessary number of employees and their wages, as well as the amount that you will have to pay for renting the premises.

Legal aspects

Before looking for suitable premises, it’s important to find out what are the relevant regulations of your country and municipality. In its essence, from the legal viewpoint, a WOLFTRIKE® indoor track doesn’t differ from an indoor electric go-kart track, so many of the legal aspects would be similar to that type of business. It’s important to emphasise that this business model is friendly to the environment and that the drift trikes have zero emissions – otherwise you might have to install expensive ventilation systems at your premises, which will be completely unnecessary. Of course, each country has its own laws and regulations, so you must do your research before starting the business, as we will only be able to help you by providing the required documentation from our side (product certifications, safety rules and instructions, technical maintenance forms for employees etc.).

Choosing the premises

We recommend choosing premises that can provide at least 1000m2 for the track, as well as space for the reception area and additional rooms for recreation purposes, as it’s an important part of this business model, allowing you to maximise the profit.

A few examples:

  • At 1000m2, the track can simultaneously accommodate up to 8 WOLFTRIKE® drift trikes

  • At 1500m2 - up to 10 WOLFTRIKES® simultaneously

  • At 3000m2 - up to 20 WOLFTRIKES® simultaneously

Of course, the numbers mentioned above are an approximation – it might be possible to simultaneously accommodate more WOLFTRIKE® drift trikes by changing the track configuration.

The size of the track is a very important aspect that will be reflected in the income – the more WOLFTRIKES® on the track simultaneously, the more income is generated at that moment.

The premises don’t necessarily have to be located in the centre of the city. It’s more important to provide convenient access and parking for your customers, and for the location to be easily found.


The minimum number of employees depends on the laws of your country. Our factory track in Riga is served at all times by 2 employees who work in 2 shifts, which is perfectly enough for the business model to be completely functional. However, in some countries the government has set the minimum number of employees, depending on the total area of the workplace. Therefore, we would suggest clarifying this in advance.

Get the full picture regarding this business

We invite you to visit our factory track in Riga, to discuss all of the aspects mentioned above in person, get a demonstration of this business model from the owners, try out the product and receive answers to any questions you might have!


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